To the Members and Friends of TC AME:
Greetings in the marvelous and miraculous name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ! I
pray that you are well and that, in the midst of our current circumstance, the Lord
our God is richly blessing you and your family. I wanted to take the time to outline
our worship plan moving forward as a congregation. I ask that you are prayerful
during this time, trusting in the God that has brought us time and time again,
through dangers seen and unseen.
The corona virus—otherwise known as COVID-19—has shaken the very
foundation of our way of life and the world. There’s not an aspect of our
communal lives that has not gone unaffected. Nevertheless, in times like these our
faith is put to the test. Will we trust God or will we allow the enemy to have the
final say? As congregation that has worshipped together for over a century and a
half, we proudly proclaim that in the good times and the bad times, in the rough
times and in the weary times, in the glorious times and in the sorrowful time, we
choose to trust God. As such, we seek to live into our church mantra, to be a
congregation that loves, worships, and serves. There’s no better time than the
present to show our commitment to this.
We will continue to love God and love our neighbor through the method of social
distancing. We care about the safety and health of each our members and our
community. Therefore, we will be suspending Sunday morning worship in its
current form including rehearsals, Bible Study, and all meetings where the
attendance would be over ten people.
We will continue to worship our God, in the spirit of love, truth, and community. A
sermon will be live streamed via Facebook and YouTube. Individuals who do not
have these capabilities will be able to still hear the sermon via the Monday
morning prayer line. The Bible informs us that we must not neglect the assembly
of the saints. While we will not be physically together, through the gifts of
technology we will still be able to be connected and worship our God through
these platforms. Sunday morning services will be condensed to forty-five minutes.
Bible Studies will be held at our regular time (6 pm EST) via Zoom. More
information on how to access this program will be given later. Furthermore, it is
vital that in the midst of this pandemic we do not shrink in our tithing
responsibilities. God is faithful and has provided for us so it is imperative that we
continue our giving for the maintenance of the church, the up building of God’s
kingdom, and the support of our many kingdom-focused ministries. Offering may
be submitted electronically through Givelify (online or through the app), mailed to
the church, or you may bring your offering to your class leader who will then make
sure a Steward receives it.
We will continue to serve in the spirit of the Free African Society and the Christian
faith. We will open the doors of our church one day out of the week to partner with
local feeding programs to ensure that our elderly, youth, and less fortunate do not
go without a meal during this time. Matthew 25 calls for us to be about the action
of service especially during a time such as this. More information will come as to
how we will go about this over the next two weeks. Nevertheless, ministries will
be called on to support these efforts.
Know that as your Pastor, I am in prayer with and for you, our nation, our
community, health professionals, and the decision makers throughout the world. In
times like these we must stand on the promises of our God who has never left us
nor forsaken us. Take this time to reflect on how God is speaking to you and your
family during this time. Spend time with loved ones. Check in on old friends. Read
a good book. Discover a new passion and work at it. Now is a time for reflection
and rejuvenation so that when the storm passes over, we can truly say as the 124th
Psalms proclaims, “If it had not been for the Lord who was on our side.”
God bless you, your family, and your community!
In the Peace and Power of Christ our Lord,
Rev. Kendal L. McBroom